Thursday, February 8, 2007



Snowsquare Moscow blog is no longer being updated regularly.

However, we are pleased to announce two new projects:

1. We are keeping the photographs up to date. You can find these on Flickr.

2. We've also started a collaborative project showcasing the best photographs of Russia today - you can find them at Russia Daily Photo on Flickr. Please feel free to add your best photographs to this collaborative project.

We hope you find both the photographs and Russia Daily Photo interesting.


Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Luzhkov's annual head injury

In what seems to be becoming an annual tradition, Moscow's Mayor, Yury Luzhkov announced a minor head injury. A year ago, a firework hit him on the head; this year, he suffered a ski injury.

Image: Rossiya TV channel

According to Reuters:
Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov appeared in public with a black eye and a large bruise on his forehead on Tuesday, saying he had suffered a skiing accident.

"To avoid all unnecessary talk and guesses about my appearance I would like to say that skiing down a slope has led to certain changes in my appearance," Luzhkov, 70, told Ria Novosti news agency.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Extreme sports, Russian style: reckless extreme

Russian T-90 tank

Flying MiGs, shooting RPGs and so on? Forget about it. Unless you've done this, you clearly haven't lived...
В качестве дополнительной услуги предлагается и совсем отчаянный экстрим: участники тура лежат в специальном окопчике, а над ними на огромной скорости проезжает танк. Специалисты говорят, что этот момент, ставший эпизодом многих художественных фильмов про войну, пользуется огромной популярностью.
An additional service offered includes reckless extreme: participants lie in a special trench and a tank drives over them at high speed. Experts claim that this activity - having featured in many war films - is hugely popular.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Escape Moscow without disappearing for a week

6 days, across 9259km, across 2 continents, 14 oblasts and 8 time zones

Many a Muscovite must surely have been tempted, after a tough day, to turn off the mobile phone, and jump aboard Russia's most famous train, the "Rossiya" (No. 2), which departs in the evening on every odd-numbered day from Moscow's Yaroslavsky station, heading for Vladivostok.

Fortunately for the Moscow police's missing persons unit, this trip is now available in virtual form (complete with sound), thanks to this website of Russian Railways.

Snowsquare has taken the (real) train twice, once from Moscow to Vladivostok; once from Beijing to Moscow (via Ulaanbaatar). Highly recommended, particularly if you stop off en route.