Monday, January 22, 2007

Escape Moscow without disappearing for a week

6 days, across 9259km, across 2 continents, 14 oblasts and 8 time zones

Many a Muscovite must surely have been tempted, after a tough day, to turn off the mobile phone, and jump aboard Russia's most famous train, the "Rossiya" (No. 2), which departs in the evening on every odd-numbered day from Moscow's Yaroslavsky station, heading for Vladivostok.

Fortunately for the Moscow police's missing persons unit, this trip is now available in virtual form (complete with sound), thanks to this website of Russian Railways.

Snowsquare has taken the (real) train twice, once from Moscow to Vladivostok; once from Beijing to Moscow (via Ulaanbaatar). Highly recommended, particularly if you stop off en route.

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