Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Sleep well, furry friends

At 11pm this Tuesday evening, the temperature's still +4C in the centre of Moscow. Some Moscow residents, it seems, have given up waiting for winter to come.

According to Reuters:
Russian bears at Moscow Zoo have finally dropped off into their hibernation slumber despite months of insomnia caused by a record mild start to winter, zoo officials said on Tuesday.[...]

"The bears have finally fallen asleep and they have not woken up yet," Natalia Istratova, a spokeswoman for Moscow Zoo, said by telephone.

"They usually fall asleep when there is continuous snow cover but despite the fact that there is no snow they are still asleep," she said.
Bears on the packaging of Russia's famous Мишка косолапый (Mishka kosolapiy, Clumsy bear) chocolate:

Image: Shokoladnik

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